Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This insurance company that recorded a decrease in premiums

Fierce competition of motor vehicle insurance business throughout 2011 casualties. Last year, the acquisition of premium vehicles in the four insurance companies that take the floor at the stock dwindled. Motor vehicle insurance premiums Safe Assets Pratama (AHAP) fell 17% to Rp 75.82 billion, compared to Rp 90.98 billion the previous year.

President of AHAP, Sunyata Wangsadarma admitted, competition is increasingly severe. In fact, the management of difficult motor vehicle premiums. They have to manage the garage to the client. While the premium is small and very high-risk claims. As a result, players are not high growth businesses. "In our automobile insurance only to decline, others continued to grow well," Sunyata, Monday (9/4).

Although decreased, the total contribution of motor vehicle premiums AHAP still dominates 46% of total premiums last year of about Rp 165 billion. The rest of the property 21%, miscellaneous 29%, and transport of 4%. Sunyata targeting, increased automobile insurance premiums in order to pursue a target total of Rp 250 billion. After all, if hard up, they've got a recipe to rely on personal accident insurance. "Let the small, from many, personal accident insurance can be a mainstay," he said.

Insurance Services Tania same fate. Acquisition of motor vehicle insurance premiums shrank 35.6% to Rp 38.73 billion, from USD 59 billion a year earlier. As a result, total premiums last year to be Rp 171 billion, down 4.5% than the previous year to Rp 179 billion. Financial Services Director Tania, Slamet Solikhun said, competition is tight motor insurance last year. "The risk of motor vehicle claims too high," said Solikhun.

In 2012, Tania Sale of motor vehicles are still hoping to get up. If it does not happen, Tania Services will rely on a variety of insurance, personal accident insurance. In the first quarter of 2012, personal accident insurance premiums accounted for Rp 45 billion.

Tania service to pursue new personal accident insurance this year. According Solikhun, hard to expect a motor vehicle insurance. "Hopefully still growing, but the personal accident insurance is quite helpful," he explained.

Two other insurance companies have similar conditions. Ramayana insurance premium income recorded a decrease in motor vehicle 7.7% to Rp 131 billion from Rp 142 billion the previous year. Only the premium contributions of motor vehicles declined. Property insurance, transportation, order ships, engineering, insurance, and miscellaneous printing premium contributions increase, with total premium of Rp 533 billion last year.

Insurance Partners Dayin record 4.6% decline in motor vehicle insurance premiums to $ 48 billion compared to USD 50 billion in 2010. Dayin Partners scored a total premium of Rp 405 billion.

Competition to be the cause of decline in four insurance. General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI) records, motor vehicle insurance premium of Rp 10.23 trillion last year, growing 13.8% in 2010 compared to Rp 8.9 trillion. This means that there are other companies that made the market the other players.

source : keuangan.kontan.co.id

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