Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Micro-insurance more appealing

Although the terms of the amount of the premium was as high as other types of insurance, microinsurance lure more appealing. You see, insurance is targeting the middle to bottom, that exceeded half the population of Indonesia. Not surprisingly, insurance companies too busy to enlarge the income from a business niche on this one.

Just a reminder, a micro-insurance protection products with low prices and limited coverage. As in Chartis Insurance Indonesia, market micro insurance package, ranging from Rp 50,000 per year with a maximum of Rp 30 million of coverage. "This year we are targeting micro-insurance premium income grew 20% compared to the year 2011 amounting to Rp 16 billion," said Muwafick Hidayat, Head of Micro Insurance, Chartis Indonesia, last weekend.
Referring to World Bank study in 2011, there were approximately 77 million people in Indonesia who do not have the financial protection and savings. As a result when to die, fall ill, crop failure, or loss of employment was forced to seek bail. They became the target market is Chartis Insurance. "They need protection, but at an affordable price," said Muwafick.

Chartis is preparing the appropriate technology to develop micro-insurance market segments. This is a technology that allows the owners of grocery stores, food stalls entrepreneurs, artists, or other micro entrepreneurs can access. You see, they are micro-insurance market segments. "In order to hook new customers, we will also market these products in conjunction with micro-credit offerings by other companies," said Muwafick.

Hendrisman Rahim, Managing Director of PT BNI Life Insurance recognizes, is a small micro-insurance premiums. However, because the market is large, the potential revenues could also rise.

Throughout the year 2011, the contribution of micro-insurance premiums in the new BNI around
Rp 200 billion. Most were from outside the market Jawa.Tahun 2012, insurers are targeting the red plate micro-insurance premiums contributed Rp 300 billion to Rp 400 billion.

To achieve these targets, relying Jiwasraya via cooperative marketing. This strategy is more effective than relying on agents. You see, the more cooperative approach to the community in small towns.

source : keuangan.kontan.co.id

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