Tuesday, April 10, 2012

BIP Thinking that Parking Insurance for Visitors Comfort

Mal management of Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP) approved insurance claims applied the parking manager for the convenience of park visitors. However, the BIP did not know about the lack of insurance regulation in the parking of vehicles in the newly enacted Perwal 5 April 2012.

"As we leave the building management arrangements with third parties (business park). Which they have coordinated with the government. There Perwal After this, it does not regulate insurance issues. Then from the secure parking formulate any separate insurance. The management approve, "said mall Marketing Communications Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP) Tubagus Feisal Joseph.

He told reporters at the mall BIP, Jalan Merdeka, Monday (04/09/2012). For details on insurance, says Good, a secure parking management affairs. "In essence we would not be against the rules. It's just a miscommunication between managers BIP parking management," said Good.

From the first, in the mall parking lot BIP no vehicle insurance. So, continued good, it wants to offer a convenience for visitors to determine the cost of insurance.

"It now seems to not need insurance. But when it's gone, regardless of insurance must be willing to pay," said Good.

On 5 April 2012 then, the City Government Mayor of London sets the rules (Perwal) No 163/2012 on Rent, Parking Management and Technical Guidelines for parking at the Court House and Parking in the city of Bandung. That is, all parking in the city of Bandung uniform.

However, while the implementation in the field, BIP mal insurance costs would apply to motorists who park. Insurance is set at Rp 1,000 per hour for cars and $ 500 per hour applies to motorcycles.

Chairman of the Parliament of Bandung Erwan Setiawan furious with the rule. Erwan assess the cost of insurance that does not fit Perwal and illegal.

source : bandung.detik.com

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