Tuesday, April 10, 2012

CREDIT INSURANCE: Askrindo ready to receive premium Rp382, 15 billion

PT Indonesian Credit Insurance will guarantee loans with a value of Rp23 trillion in premiums estimated at up to Rp382, 15 billion in cooperation with PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia Tbk, PT Bank State Savings Insurance Agency Ltd. and Export Indonesia.

Director of Credit Insurance Indonesia (Askrindo) Anthony CS Napitupulu disclose such cooperation related to underwriting small loans (KUR), housing finance liquidity facility (FLPP) and import-export credit guarantee.

"The cooperation with BRI [Bank Rakyat Indonesia] is related to automated underwriting KUR. This year KUR target total is expected to reach Rp30 trillion, we hope to guarantee about half, it be fair for two with Jamkrindo [Public Enterprise Credit Guarantee Indonesia], less is more Rp15 trillion, "he said, today, 9 April 2012.

Automated underwriting KUR is a computerized system that connects the data KUR Askrindo BRI with a data system to facilitate the verification process guarantees recipients a prospective customer. Anthony continued, through underwriting KUR Rp15 trillion, Askrindo obtain a premium estimated Rp341, 25 billion or equal to 2.275% of the total value of loans guaranteed.

Meanwhile, cooperation with the State Savings Bank (BTN) through the company's FLPP program to get a premium of 0.37% of the total value of Rp 7 trillion ataus underwriting ebesar Rp25, 9 billion. With a total value, Askrindo projected to guarantee loans to 200,000 homes throughout Indonesia.

Furthermore, Anthony added, cooperation with Indonesia Export Insurance Agency (LPEI) has so far not guarantee a certain target value. But he projected the first phase, the company can guarantee Rp500 billion to Rp1 trillion, export credits.

Meanwhile, the first phase expected to last for 1 year - 2 years is projected premium of 1% - 1.5%. So the company is estimated to earn a premium of up to Rp15 billion.

"For the BTN and BRI, because this program FLPP and KUR, there is a fixed rate that has been allocated to it, with LPEI is because trade with the private sector, then there has been no allocation of the fixed rate," he explained.

However, Anthony is optimistic target of LPEI can guarantee to increase with a positive export outlook. He added 500 billion - Rp 1 trillion is a minimum target for the export conditions are still depressed due to the instability of the world economy.

He believes Europe and America after the crisis passed, the volume of credit guaranteed by the company will increase along with growth in exports.

source : www.bisnis.com

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