Thursday, May 3, 2012

Growing interest in insurance

Apparently, the distribution of insurance products seems more widespread this year. The proof, premium income of insurance companies per quarter of 2012 increased compared to the same period in 2011. Of course this is a blessing for the insurance company, because profit also increased.

BNI Life Insurance, for example, pocketed the gross premium income of Rp 1.2 trillion, grew 35%. Most of the premium income from agency services reached 70%, the rest of bancassurance. "Changes in agency commissions helped boost system performance," explains Hendrisman Rahim, Managing Director of BNI on Wednesday (2/5).

Changes in the system include commission corresponding premium revenue. That is, the greater the premium income, is to pocket the commission is greatly increased. Unfortunately, Hendrisman reluctant to tell the amount of agency commission.

Most of the premium income from insurance products Jiwasraya trandisional, which contributed 80% of its revenue. The rest, of unitlink products. "We will issue a new unitlink to contribute more and more," he said.

The strategy is to pursue the achievement of the target premium of Rp 5.3 trillion this year. In 2011, gross premium income reached Rp 4.78 trillion Jiwasraya with a profit of Rp 394.11 billion. For this quarter, earnings Hendrisman secret achievement.

Property Insurance Products Safe (AHAP) is also increasing demand in the market. Based on the company's financial statements, total gross premium income per March 31, 2012 reached Rp 36 billion, growing 22% over the same period last year. Company claims the benefit under the weight of reduced 8% to $ 7.1 billion.

While investment returns AHAP grew 34% to $ 987.78 million. This further mengatrol net income into the pockets of the company, rose 27% to $ 2.8 billion.

In the same period, insurance premium income Arta Community Development Fund also rose rapidly. Stating the company's financial statements, premium income reached Rp 175.6 billion, grew 20%. Meanwhile, claims expenses rose less, only 14% to $ 97.7 billion.

Return on investments increased 42% to $ 13.2 billion. As a result, net profit rose 39% to $ 61.6 billion.

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